Postur | Hypertension Watch

Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch
Postur | Hypertension Watch

Postur | Hypertension Watch

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Help reduce Back, Hip, Leg, Knee & Sciatica discomfort

Alleviates leg muscles pressure, relieves discomfort

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

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The Hypertension Watch is a minute device that packs a tremendous punch.

  • Normalizing blood pressure
  • Normalizing blood sugar
  • Lowering blood lipids
  • Reducing cholesterol in the vessels
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Normalizing blood oxygen levels
  • 2 years warranty
  • FDA-approved

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure, also called "THE SILENT SKILLER"?

If so, it’s very important to work toward normalizing your blood pressure. Doing so can help you avoid serious health problems in the future.

"1 in 3 South african adults with high blood pressure aren't even aware they have it and are not being treated to control their blood pressure."

Said Dr. Jordan


We’ve helped over 2,000 customers drastically improve their blood pressure, leaving countless people to enjoy pain-free, comfortable lives.

Laser therapy for hypertension, all packed into a tiny piece of tech, can and will do wonders for your blood pressure.

As an FDA-approved product, our laser therapy watch is tried, tested, and safe to use.
By purifying blood and restoring your blood sugar levels, blood lipids, and blood oxygen levels, our watch assists in reducing pain and forming a healthier, kinder heart. Significantly, our Watch also increases blood circulation.
Your circulatory system is key to preventing disease and permitting healthy blood flow – so it needs to function to the best of its capabilities.

Wait, Which Treatment Method Is for Me?

The amount of treatment you need depends entirely on how ‘bad’ your blood pressure really is, and no one treatment method works as a silver bullet for everyone. Postur has put together an easy guide to understanding where you need to launch off in your bout against hypertension.

By following this routine for 30 days, you will be taking the first step in saying adios to high blood pressure – finally.

There are four unique strength settings built into our watch, ensuring that everyone – no matter their blood pressure level – has a stress-free fix in front of them.

  • For patients with a blood pressure of 180/90, we recommend 30-60 minutes a day, twice a day in the highest setting.
  • For patients with a blood pressure of 135/80, we recommend 10-30 minutes a day, once a day on the lowest setting.

How Do I Use It?

With a clear application process, dealing with hypertension has never been easier

Find Your Radial Artery

Using two fingers to find your furthermost artery. Place this artery on the back of the laser.

Insert the Nasal Therapeutic Line

Put the nasal cavity head 2 to 3 centimeters into your nostril and clamp the provided nasal septum


Put the Nasal Therapeutic Line into The Watch

Insert the line into the watch socket and activate Mode B. Hold the on/off button for a second to start your journey!


Turn The Watch On

Press the on button and choose your mode. Please do not look directly into the laser!

*Remember to turn off Watch When Process Is Complete

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